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Challenges faced by lawyers
Let’s start with the couple of questions
Managing every case of your client efficiently, is it a challenge?
Is Document management a challenging task?
Are you consuming extra time on bill generation?
Is managing a case a complex task for you?
Is it very tedious to remember about every case of your client ?
If any of the answer is yes....then
Answer to all your question " Smart Vakil "

Meraculus Tech presents Smart Vakil

----- Product brief -----

  • Smart Vakil is an automated legal practice management software designed for modern law firms.
  • Spend less time organizing hardcopy of papers and managing all the details related to particular case or any client in quick time with advanced search.
  • Increase your productivity by getting information in matter of clicks.
  • Reporting and Dashboard to keep you updated about your upcoming cases and hearings.
  • Integrated accounts module for dealing with clients payment & billing.
  • Product Features

    Case & Client Management

    Manage your client's different cases under single window with individual cases history.

    Invoice and Billing system

    Our automated invoice and billing system will save your time and man power.

    Timeline Sheet

    Timeline sheet lets you update the daily routine of cases for particular client.

    Real Time Document Management

    Document management gives you so many unique access to manage your client's document and you can access and update in real time.

    Matter Management

    Matter management allows to update the history of each and every matter for particular clients.

    Calendar & Reminders

    Get daily, weekly or monthly updates and reminders about your cases and hearings.

    Payment Tracking

    It will give you the history of payment received and pending status for each invoice of particular client.

    Multi user operational

    We provide multi user operation, so you can have different sets of login according to your employees role.

    Report Management

    Keep track of all your cases report and download it whenever you want it.

    Smart Alerts

    Smart alerts will give you all the alerts regarding the next or upcoming hearings for client or any other task.

    Permission Control

    You can limit and restrict user's by giving them permission using permission controls.

    Experienced & Trusted by Many Modern Organizations.

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    Why Smart Vakil

  • Lawyers can save much of their time by using Smart Vakil instead of searching for hardcopies of files & documents or checking client details in many different locations.
  • Simplify to maintain client data w.r.t to their number of cases in different courts.
  • Manage client billing, invoicing for particular case and maintain proper billing data.
  • Real Time Document Management to maintain & updated client documents of various cases instantly.
  • Advanced Search to simplify searching for client details, pending cases or payments.